Connecting a DVD player to a skybox

  Nuneatonian 01:42 09 Aug 2006

Hi there
I am having trouble connecting a DVD player to my skybox. My TV has only 1 scart. I tried connecting the Player with the VCR scart (on the Skybox, but it seems to not want to know. When I turn off the Skybox and I have turned on the player nothing is on screen. I have bought new scart cables just in case, still makes no difference.
Any one help please? Please note the jargon RF etc is all confusing to me!!!


  BRYNIT 09:11 09 Aug 2006

Have you checked that the DVD player works when connected directly to the TV.

Have you also tried manually switching the TV to the AV channel.

  DieSse 11:26 09 Aug 2006

*When I turn off the Skybox and I have turned on the player nothing is on screen.*

How about if you don't turn off the Sky box?

In fact the VCR socket on Sky boxes are for both recording and replaying - that's why a video with only a SCART connection to a Sky box can play back through it - and the pictures end up on the screen!

However, for the playback to work, the SCART input on the Sky box must be fed from a SCART on the DVD player, otherwise there won't be a signal to tell the Sky box there's a player attached.

Añl that said - a SCART switch will also work fine.

  fazer 13:28 09 Aug 2006

May I suggest that you stick to the SCART-switch option; you get best quality when the DVD is connected directly to the television and not through any other machinary.

  Nuneatonian 16:31 09 Aug 2006

Hi all
Thanks for the advice, I will try all the suggestions and let you know what happens


  Nuneatonian 19:12 11 Aug 2006

Hi all
I have now got my DVD connected to my sky box, and it was by scart to scart, so I don't know what went wrong before
Thank you for your help.

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