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  Thuffe 21:23 06 Jul 2008

I read lostboys thread but it doesnt answer a few of my issues. First, the only 'out' i have on my laptop is a 15pin RGA (VGA?) blue connection. My TV is CRT, and only has S-Vhs, and three pin RCA (Yellow, white and red).

Now, i'm completely out of my depth here as all of this is new and very confusing to me. Is there a cable that will just plug in to my laptop and straight into the tv, or do i have to get an adaptor box. If so, does anyone have suggestions? Please explain in simpleton terms as it took a week to look up all the acronyms etc!


  Jim_F 22:35 06 Jul 2008

I'm afraid its not really simple - there are adaptor cables but you have to be able to set your video VGA card output to a resolution and refresh that the TV can work with. click here

A card with S-video is a better bet as its designed for the job but many of these gave mixed results (poor quality) in the early days.

  Jim_F 22:48 06 Jul 2008

Forgot to mention - you'd sti need an audo connevtion from you computer - 3.5mm jack plug from your computers line out to the two RAC connectors - usually red and white - the yellow is for composite video that few computers support.

  Jim_F 22:49 06 Jul 2008

Could even have been RCA connectors !

  Jim_F 22:55 06 Jul 2008

Sorry - missed the word laptop - you obviously can't change the card ! - as per the link you usually have to wind the resolution right down to 640 x 480 - my experience when using overhead projectors from VGA is much the same.

  Thuffe 23:21 06 Jul 2008


I found out that my VGA card supports tv out, so i think i'm ok there. In response to your comments, would a cable like this just do it all for me?

click here

  Jim_F 23:52 08 Jul 2008

If your TV has component (not composite) video in it will, but on my Sony TV the phono connectors are Yellow (Composite video), White and Red (Stereo audio) - its down to what the connectors on your TV support so I'd check your TVs manual.

My guess is that you'll need a converter that presents the computer video on a single cable with a phono connector which is composite video or via the s-video connector.

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