The cones on my 15" woofers beginning to go soggy

  wee eddie 15:42 14 Apr 2006

So at long last I have to think of new speakers and I shall not be able to afford the £1200, or so, that such JBL monitors will cost.

What I have heard of the usual speakers that come with PC's has not been good, not particularly in terms of volume but the quality of reproduction has been pathetic. I have thought of a 5.1 or 7.1 system but am not particularly keen on the siting of all those cables but might be persuaded.

Before I approach the local audio specialist, does anyone have any idea as to where my research might lead me.

p.s I am not a Gamer or particularly into films, although I watch a few.

  ade.h 17:54 14 Apr 2006

When I read 15" woofers, I assumed hi-fi use, but if it's actually PC use, then the Aego 2 set is the best of its kind that you will ever hear. click here I would not want to be without them, as they are not a million miles away from decent hi-fi speakers, in their reproduction at least. Obviously, the soundstage is not quite going to match a good pair of floorstanders!

(On the link that I provided, there is only one stockist, but I know that there are others listed in Google)

  ade.h 17:55 14 Apr 2006
  remind 19:06 14 Apr 2006

This should be in Speaker's Corner shurely ;-)

  wee eddie 19:57 14 Apr 2006

I hope to feed the PC in through the PreAmp when using it as a sound source.

Someone direct mailed me about a Yamaha single speaker system. Anyone got any relevant experience?

  ade.h 20:12 14 Apr 2006

I think I saw that on The Gadget Show a few weeks ago; it's a single box isn't it? Jason Bradbury liked it a lot and reckoned that it produced a convincing surround sound effect with good quality. I can't remember the price though.

  [email protected] 23:47 14 Apr 2006

I heard these a few months ago and they really impressed me click here

BTW I would say this post is in the correct forum.

  remind 00:50 15 Apr 2006

I wasn't entirely serious..speakers....oh forget it....

  [email protected] 12:21 15 Apr 2006

ooops lol didn't notice that. I'm a bit a slow at those things :(

  wee eddie 14:24 15 Apr 2006

remind me!

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