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Conect Canon MV5i to DELL Inspiron Zino HD

  bluetwo 15:48 31 Oct 2016

I am trying to save my Video cassette produced in my MV5i by sending to my ZINO computer. The camera is several years old and the ZINO a much later model computer than my camera. I have bought a new camcorder but before I retire my MV5i I would like to save them in my Zino. The problem is that the connections are so different that I am at a loss to know how to connect so that I can transfer the videos. Any ideas. Thank you guys.

  Burn-it 13:58 01 Nov 2016

Not without details of the connections. Pictures would help.

  lotvic 15:05 01 Nov 2016

DV (firewire) 1394 port on pc - modern pcs don't come with that port anymore.

As far as I can make out from a quick read, it's a lot easier if you use a SD memory card in the camcorder. You can take that out and put in the card slot on pc. In the user manual from page 105 onwards, copy and paste the following into browser url to go to the manual

  lotvic 15:08 01 Nov 2016

stupid formatting... I'll try again

this time click here for the pdf manual

  bluetwo 11:49 06 Nov 2016

Lotvic Thank you for your help. My Canon does not have a card, it' a 5i not a 5iMC. The PC I'm using does have a DV port. I have been able to transfer some video but without sound. I want the sound too. I'll see if I can send you photos of the PC 's port. I' having difficulty getting this PC on the internet. If I can I can send a BeLarc to you.I an HP laptop which I am on now. Thanks again.

  lotvic 12:42 06 Nov 2016

bluetwo, I won't be able to tell you anything more about the port than is in the manual.

The sound problem is more likely to be within the settings of the DV/1394 capture software program you are using on the pc/laptop. Can you see the name of the software program you used? (what screen opened up that allowed you to transfer the video)

  lotvic 12:55 06 Nov 2016

I suggest you google for: ieee 1394/dv software program no sound on video

for guidance on capture programs to use and the audio settings, from some I've read it could be audio is set at 12 bit and the program expects 16 bit audio.... out of my knowledge range, I'd have to learn about it before I could be of any help :(

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