computers under threat (BBC)

  seedie 15:02 09 Oct 2006

This site click here shows an experiment the BBC did to determine how much attention from outside a home PC would get.

I am quite surprised at the results especially after being informed that we're silly bunnies for thinking our PCs would interest anyone.

  sean-278262 16:16 09 Oct 2006

Who said we were silly for thinking that. It has been common knowledge to me for years and most people I know too. However it is alarming how many attacks there are. I do doubt it is that bad but it doesnt help the lack of assistance makers put into their machines. I run a blog about this sort of topic and while I have readership I dont get that many. Maybe there should be more material out there or automatically given to all users in the UK who buy a new PC.

The problem really lies in people not knowing what they need to do. Most people buy XP home and do nothing else but fill the drive with useless rubbish. I know many who do this and no matter what you say they wont do it. We really need an AV, firewall and antispyware app that is free and runs all 3 weekly and automatically shuts the PC off after it sorts the problems out and runs when the user sets the system to turn off or does it at a time when they are not on the computer.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:01 09 Oct 2006

If you look at the comments posted to the story at Seedie's click here, you will find this gem:-

"The internet is evil. It is full of criminal activity, pornography and has been the means for terrorists to spawn their plots.

It has not benefited humanity one jot."

Seems we should all throw away our modems or adsl routers and go and find something less perverted to do!

  seedie 19:11 09 Oct 2006

Pity we can't ask the donor what he recommends we do instead eg pray

  STREETWORK 22:15 09 Oct 2006

Scary stuff eh...

  Sethhaniel 10:34 10 Oct 2006
  seedie 11:16 10 Oct 2006

I found the contents of the honeypot a bit disappointing but I suppose the people who need to read the BBC site and stay clear of 'let us test your computer scammers' will have better things to do.
I believe there are more about nasties in the coming days from beeb.

Who was who said if you use firewalls, are uneasy of hackers and let cookies annoy you your paranoid ?

happy reading


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