Computers cant read smart media

  jack 13:42 30 Aug 2010

Having loaded a smart reader card into the the card reader- this computer reported '
'Cannot access'
Loaded the card back into Camera - all images show.
Plugged camera into computer- cannot access.
Changed to another computer reading direct from camera- This computer cannot read card either.
But all images are present when accessed in camera.
Am currently running Convar's PC INSPECTOR.which is finding stuff- but is it current or previous loadings? - I wont know untill it is done

But what has happened here

  jack 09:08 31 Aug 2010

It managed to read all images[751] with only 3 blanks.
So the Norway Holiday is secure.
The mystery still remains however- why would not two computers read the card?
The actual report read' Cannot read mead - file or directory corrupted.
Yet the camera showed all files and PC Inspector found then on camera and did a recovery/transfer operation- though it took about 5 hours.
So if any of you have a possible answer to that please tell.

  natdoor 09:26 31 Aug 2010

It is good to hear that your problem is solved.

It would appear that some header information required by the Smart Media reader software was corrupted. Apparently the camera was able to access photos without this information. PC Inspector was able to extract the photos because it is designed to overcome such problems and, from what I have read about it, it is an excellent product.

  jack 10:03 02 Sep 2010

Further playing reveals that PC Inspector did not reveal all
Bad Copy Pro[paid for] did better finding not only more of the recent images but those of previously deleted sessions.
Although the computer cannot read the card directly - it seems that the 'Image Recovery' programs did.
Also the card when in camera ,when connected to TV will also display all.
So what is it the computer cannot 'see'?and - is there something[program?] one can do to correct the card malfunction?

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