Computer security software best recommendations

  Clueless 20:02 11 Jul 2019

I am a self-described techno illiterate. I need to protect my iPhone 8, laptop (Windows 8.1), desktop (Windows 7) (pls stop laughing) and Amazon Fire 8 from anything nefarious on the internet, viruses, Maleware, phishing and anything else I am as yet unaware of. What brand should I look at?? Under $75 pls?? Thx for your help!!

  Clueless 19:27 11 Oct 2019

Again, many thanks to all who took the time to respond! I went with Webroot and it has detected numerous issues and deleted them, ran full scan(maybe 10 minutes) and cleaned things up. Very happy with my choice to date!!

  mrgrumpy 19:52 11 Oct 2019

Hi clueless , I use Kaspersky paid for version , does the Webroot program contain something called spy sweeper. Many years ago spy sweeper was available as a separate program. One day my pc was very slow to do anything , I just knew something was wrong but all the software around at that time did not find anything , as a last resort I bought spy sweeper and in a mater of minutes it found 5 keyloggers that everything else missed. Once deleted my pc was up to full strength.

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