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Computer security software best recommendations

  Clueless 20:02 11 Jul 2019

I am a self-described techno illiterate. I need to protect my iPhone 8, laptop (Windows 8.1), desktop (Windows 7) (pls stop laughing) and Amazon Fire 8 from anything nefarious on the internet, viruses, Maleware, phishing and anything else I am as yet unaware of. What brand should I look at?? Under $75 pls?? Thx for your help!!

  john bunyan 21:57 11 Jul 2019

I use Windows Defender ( free) as anti virus, coupled with Malwarebytes Premium as a blocker of dodgy sites, PUP’s etc and monitor of live web browsing. Not sure if price in US but you can get a 2 computer licence. Also I use Macrium Reflect to make images of the OS about weekly to a usb hd as I think it more reliable than restore points. Coupled with CCLEANER to clear out junk, browsing history etc

  Clueless 23:31 11 Jul 2019

Thanks to John for his reply, but I think you missed the part about being illiterate. I was hacked big time using Windows Defender. Had to cancel all credit cards and put a freeze on my credit. Lost $1k when my email acct was stolen by someone in Mexico! I probably clicked a link that security didn’t register as dangerous. Need protection against that kind of thing. (Didn’t understand much else that you posted´┐Ż

  wee eddie 07:43 12 Jul 2019

Windows Defender is an Antivirus Program/App.

Antivirus Programs (almost all) don't defend you against Malware and PUPs. For that you'll need other Software and Common Sense. Don't download/Click-on stuff from Sources that you don't know.

There's free stuff out there but you need to be vigilant yourself. Malwarebytes, Unchecky, Super AntiSpyWare and lots more. You also need an isolated Backup System, I use NTI Shadow which is Canadian.

  Clueless 18:16 12 Jul 2019

My thanks to all who have replied!! I Am considering Webroot (for 5 devices) Complete. Seems to protect against everything and is less than $40 on Amazon. Will also add Malewarebytes if it is not to $$$. I am a senior on Soc Sec.

  Clueless 13:58 19 Jul 2019

My thanks to all who responded!

  sightofsun 09:03 10 Oct 2019

I use Dr.Web Security Space (also they give an Android version for free) and also I use common sense as wee eddie mentioned. If something suspicious is happenning, I scan my computer with CureIt. As for the internet, I always use vpn cause once I lost large sum of money while using public Wi-fi. Everything end up well and it was a good lesson for me. So VPN is a must have. There's a good article called url=[click here about a VPN[/url] on this topic.

  john bunyan 09:43 10 Oct 2019

First time poster on old thread. Wee eddie what do you think?

  wee eddie 09:43 10 Oct 2019

Another VPN Spam, disguised as advice

  Clueless 19:27 11 Oct 2019

Again, many thanks to all who took the time to respond! I went with Webroot and it has detected numerous issues and deleted them, ran full scan(maybe 10 minutes) and cleaned things up. Very happy with my choice to date!!

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