compressing AVI files for emailing

  kiz 17:22 27 Dec 2006

I have made some small (20mb) videos on my Casio Exilim (AVI format) and want to send them by email but do not know how to compress them to allow this. I know virtually nothing about video editing so I would be grateful for simple language (if possible). I read somewhere it can be done in windows movie maker but i cant see how(I am running winXP) or do I need another program? Using winzip just compresses to 14MB which is still too large.
Thanks in advance

  jack 19:49 27 Dec 2006

Windows XP has a video editor built in Win Movie Maker. So give that a twilrl to see if it has a compression routine

click here look at their free software offerings to see what they can do.

click here can produce some tiny slide shows for mailing- can it be done for AVI?
download it and give it a twirl

  GroupFC 21:00 27 Dec 2006

MM2 in XP will do it.

Load the .avi file into MM2 and drag the file to the timeline. Assuming you don't want to do any fancy editing, select "tasks", "Finish Movie" and "send in e-mail". MM2 will save the movie and then launch your e-mail client with the file attached.

Be warned tho'. The file will be considerably compressed and may make the movie virtually unwatchable!

As an alternative you could consider uploading the file to such as click here or click here or click here. These are all likely to have certain file size limits, but you may find something suitable.

HTH and Good Luck!

  kiz 21:46 27 Dec 2006

thanks for your help. I have worked out how to edit it in MM2 and got it down to 1.7MB which is managable but I take your point GroupFC (about the compression - more edited than unviewable)and I will certainly try some of the alternative ideas.
I'll mark it as resolved now anyway.

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