Compress phone videos and photos to send via email

  julius44 05:55 21 Oct 2018

Hello and good morning to you all. I have a oneplus phone, and I have taken about 4 2 minute vidoes and I have 12 pictures I am trying to send via outlook but it says files still too large....I have copied the vidoes and photos to my desktop pc, and I have been trying to send them I emailed the recipient but it says the message exceeds 20mb. I actually emailed 2 people, one has a gmail address and they got it with no problems, the other I had to email their work email and it said size too large. So is there any software to reduce the sizes please and I need to reduce for multiple items at the same time. I need something quick and simple and totally free please I need to send the email urgently. Regards Jules

  BRYNIT 08:01 21 Oct 2018

How to email large files in MS Outlook CLICK HERE

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