compatability issues between fone and car

  Newuser2 11:20 12 Dec 2012

I have a Samsung galaxy mobile running android, my car runs Microsoft sycn, I have tried to get them to sync but I have discovered the two are incompatible, at least thats what Microsoft say, Virgin and Samsung had no idea the two were incompatible. Is there an that will solve the problem.

  Newuser2 17:29 14 Dec 2012

Its a Galaxy ace GT-S7500. The car is a Mustang, all my other phones have connected ok, also as they connect via Bluetooth, I did assume that thats a standard.

  Newuser2 20:05 14 Dec 2012

Thanks for the link, I'll have a good read tomorrow. I'll post back with a result I hope, fingers crossed. Your help is much appreciated.

  Newuser2 11:26 15 Dec 2012

I've tried everything but they won't sync to each other. The phone finds my neighbors ipad but not the car, I'll try to sync em up later in a car park along way away from anything, is it poss the signal form the ipad is too strong, just a thought.

  Newuser2 16:18 18 Dec 2012

Firmware update today from Samsung and its syncs to the car ok. Result Thanks for your help Woolwell

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