Combined standalone Blu Ray player and external PC CD RW Drive

  jvc2012 15:02 14 May 2012

My laptop internal optical CD drive has packed-up and I was wondering if there is such a thing as standalone Blu Ray Player that can double as an external CD RW drive.

I want to be able to connect the Blu Ray player (part) to my Optoma DV10 MovieTime projector (it has a built in DVD player but not Blu Ray) via the HDMI input socket. We don't have anything to play Blu Ray at the moment.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:19 14 May 2012

Anything here?

  jvc2012 15:51 14 May 2012

Fruit Bat, Thanks for the link. There are a lot of good sounding blu ray players there but lacking the dual functionality. However, it gave me a new buzz word to add to my search which has yielded possibilities - its the word Combo!

e.g. The LiteOn External Blu-ray Disc Combo is an easy way to add Blu-ray playback to your computer. ... Setup was easy – all we had to do was connect the drive to two USB ports ... with HDMI out, it makes an excellent portable Blu-ray player that can be connected quickly to a HD TV

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