Combi boiler & tv problems

  Pernod Queen 15:52 11 Jan 2017


I have a 23" hd tv in my kitchen, in the loft above I have a combi boiler in the loft approx. 8' away from the tv & aerial, since the boiler was installed (by a gas man) I have noticed the tv cuts out momentarily every time the boiler turns on and off, the thermostat to the heating is wireless and is situated approximately 4' from the tv, the aerial is about 6' away, in fact it has got that bad, the picture used to have transmission lines 1/3rd of the right hand of the screen then progressed to 2/3rds, after switching the tv on and off several times it did clear the screen to be viewed but the strength signal was weak. It is now that bad I have just installed another 23" hd tv in the same place as, I have watched the new tv which I have just finished installing to find the new one has started to jump/flicker momentarily as the heating kicks in!!! Help...

  Burn-it 18:24 11 Jan 2017

It is the spark ignition causing random radio waves - indeed that is how early radio transmissions worked.

  Aitchbee 19:29 11 Jan 2017

A Video Sender might be worth investigating.

click here

  Pernod Queen 19:35 11 Jan 2017

Hi Aitchbee,

Thankyou and pardon my ignorance, but will I need someone to install this video sender or can I set it up myself and where does it get installed etc?

  Aitchbee 19:46 11 Jan 2017

The Transmitter part will connect to your aerial socket, say in your living-room, and the Receiver part will pick up the signal in your kitchen which connects to your kitchen TV. It is fairly simple to set up. You may want to check out the reviews for more hints and suggestions.

  Aitchbee 20:06 11 Jan 2017

Some more information for you to look at.

click here

  Pernod Queen 20:38 11 Jan 2017

Hi Aitchbee,

Thankyou for all the info, I live in a small brick built bungalow, so the Nikkai 5.8ghz sounds like it would be better for me... I will take another look tomorrow and as we have a Maplins close to me I may order from there, thanks again for your time and effort. I do appreciate it. Oh by the way, I have found my little gas igniter also messes with the tv in the kitchen but neither the gas gun or the boiler mess with the big tv in the front room or the conservatory, just wondered if that helps with my problem?

Cheers for your help.

Kind regards

Pernod Queen x

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