Coloured circles in my gmail inbox

  ponytail 12:59 17 Jun 2017

When I go into my gmail inbox on my Samsung S3 mini there are round coloured circles with various letters in on the L/H side then if you tap on the circle it turns grey and a tic appears.Does anyone know what these circles are for.Why different numbers and colours and what does the tick mean when I tap the circle

  Graham55 15:23 17 Jun 2017

That is just the gmail app. I have the same thing and it is all normal. It's qoogle mails way of just making it easier I think. Its the first letter of the person who sent you the email and the colour is random. When you tap it and turn grey with a tick it's just for you to see what you have selected for options like delete, mark as read/unread, etc...

Nothing to worry about.

  ponytail 16:09 17 Jun 2017

Thanks I can see that now it was the different colours that puzzled me

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