Colour drop out in digital

  jack 17:21 14 Sep 2008

Whilst watching a digital channel the colours suddenly changed- it looked like the red gun had gone on the tube.
Switch to another digi channel - ditto very muted colours.
Switch to normal terrestrial- All colours peresent.
Hmm- dratted SCART plugs me thought, made sure all were fully hone - yup they were, but the colours were still awry.
Any thoughts chaps[esses]?

  BRYNIT 18:20 14 Sep 2008

If you are using a separate digi box if could be

1. a fault with the digi box
2. the scart lead
3. or the scart lead connections on the tv or the digi box could be faulty.

As you have checked that the scart leads are fully in have you tried removing the leads and replacing just in case its a bad contaction.

Have you tried a different scart lead.

If the tv has two scart connections move the scart lead.

  jack 19:11 14 Sep 2008

As it is a somewhat tortuous route

Digi scart/phono converter to PVR line-in thence to auto switcher then to TV- single SCART

  jack 08:38 16 Sep 2008

Switched it all to establish what was wrong - and it came on in full colur -
Thats electrontrickery for you! ;-}

  oresome 13:07 16 Sep 2008

It won't last! Guaranteed to fail during your favourite programme.

My money's on the scart connections. I spray them with WD40.

  Stuartli 22:30 16 Sep 2008

You might need to check whether RGB or Composite has been inadvertently changed - it will be obvious which is the correct one to use.

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