cold calls driving me nuts

  justseaweed 17:05 07 Sep 2010

HI folks i was just wondering if there is some way to run my phone through my pc and have a filter to stop all the o845 cold callers trying to sell me stuff, is there such softwere out there to do this

  john bunyan 18:30 07 Sep 2010

For Uk originated calls register with the TPS See Here:

click here

Calls from abroad usually show as Unavailable. You can't block them, but I usually answer and leave the caller on hold until they hang up

  Chris the Ancient 09:34 08 Sep 2010

This has been brought up before, but here goes.

I also was on TPS, but some unwanted calls still came through.

So, I bought a trueCall - having seen it on "Dragons' Den" click here which gives you options on how to deal with incoming calls . The different filters can be set up so different incoming calls can be handled from a downright rude answer to allowing preferred callers to get straight through. I will admit that the initial setting up wasn't as easy as they made out; but once done, it's very good.

I bought one about 18 months ago and have found it a boon.

BTW, I have no connection with this company apart from being a happy customer!

  morddwyd 20:04 08 Sep 2010

I'm with Chris the Ancient.

True Call is totally effective, since even if the odd one that gets to ring (most are filtered before this) you still get to choose whether to speak or not.

  wiz-king 21:09 08 Sep 2010

Leave answerphone on.

  BT 08:53 09 Sep 2010

I have very few cold calls. I have TPS which seems to stop most of them.
The persistant offenders are Barclays who always ask for my wife, and who insist that they are not selling anything but want to discuss options to improve her accounts. I have complained frequently and even have a letter from the Customer Services manager saying that our number will be removed from their calling lists, but as these calls are from an external agency it seems to make no difference.

British Gas are the other one, and always manage to call at mealtimes. The lady who called last week got short shrift just as I was dishing up one night and asked when she could call back. My replay NEVER. Didn't stop another call a couple of days later and was told in no uncertain terms that I didn't want to talk to them. Stupid thing is I'm already a customer for both Gas and Electricity so just what do they want to sell me?

  jack 09:23 09 Sep 2010

Calls from overseas nor- usually local- firms that simply work through a local phone list selling Will and GK what else.
And it it always at meal times- when I guess they assume someone will be about the place.

What annoys me the most is that the caller is usually a young person - mostly female- who having made the call countless times presumably- rattle off the preliminaries at high speed- Mynameisabifailandiamnotsellinganythingbutonlytoseeifyou.............
Whereupon 1. I drop the phone like a hot brick or if in a mischievous mood go to
2. In a loud stern tone tell the individual to slow down and announce clearly and distinctly each word so the a person who is hard of hearing can get it.
When done I then tell them no thanks and they will be reported to TPS.
I must also admit if I do a number one - I can then spend time thereafter wondering what it was they really wanted.

Of yours

  jack 09:25 09 Sep 2010

That last line
Now where did that come from?

  BT 16:22 09 Sep 2010

..and could be in line for a £5000 fine if they persist, usually gets them off the line in double quick time.

  ICF 08:20 11 Sep 2010

We cancelled Sky TV and they would frequently ring and ask for my wife to try and tempt us back.I got sick of this so when they next rang I said I would go and get her but just left the phone next to the radio.They rang off after 15 mins and never rang again.

  justseaweed 17:10 05 Nov 2010

i bought a box on ebay called trucall its fantastic no more sales and bank robots ringing me up a stupid oclock thanks folks

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