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Choosing a Japanese smartphone for use in the UK.

  Walf 07:15 12 Aug 2019

I am an Englishman and long time resident of Japan, early next year I will return to live in England most likely the London area for one or two years.My Japanese wife and son want to buy Japanese smart phones,which can display English and Japanese language and can be used in UK..I already have an i phone 7. I need to know what Japanese bought smart phone would perhaps be best for use in the UK and which have good customer support.My son likes the Y mobile android one S5 but I doubt it can be used in uk. It is easy now to get a 'locked' Japanese phone unlocked here in Japan from any major carriers,the law changed in 2015.So I guess using a sim card in UK will be ok. Maybe there are some Japanese made smart phones that may be best for us? Any advice appreciated,thanks!

  AroundAgain 21:53 12 Aug 2019

You could perhaps check out what phones are sold in UK and see which are manufactured in Japan. I would have thought any sold in UK are supported

Google link - click here

Good luck

  Forum Editor 17:49 13 Aug 2019

Could you not just ask a Japanese phone provider? I would imagine that this is a question that crops up often and they will be able to advise you. Alternatively, why not buy a couple of budget smartphones in the UK? It would be worth it for two years I would have thought, and you would still be able to use them in japan when you return.

I'm not sure about other brands, but you can certainly run multiple languages on Samsung phones.

  Menzie 14:32 14 Aug 2019

Any Android and I believe Apple handset has languages built right in. My Pixel 3 requested a language choice when I first booted it up.

You just need an unlocked handset with the correct frequencies for the network you'll plan to join in Britain. Google "British Mobile Network Frequencies" and you'll see a list of the networks and their frequencies.

Check out each providers site, decide which plan is best and ensure the phone you get supports that frequency.

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