Channel loss

  davecooper 19:45 15 Nov 2009

I have a Sharp Freeview 160Gb hard disk recorder. Due to the digital switchover, we are having to retune a few times as the changeover progresses. Prior to the first retune, we received ITV3 no problem. After the first retune we had ITV3 until we switched the box to standby after which it disappeared from the channel list. Another installation retune saw it appear again until again we switched off the box, it being missing again when we switched the box on. What's going on? We live in South Cumbria if that helps.

  tillybaby 07:59 16 Nov 2009

Our area - Granada - has done a partial changeover on the 4th November with the full catastrophe happening on the 4th December.
Since the 4th November I have only receieved BBC Wales on two of our televisions despite following their instructions to the letter, the other two televisions receive BBC Granada,

Now the latest problem is that one of the televisions needs a complete re-tune everytime I switch it on because the picture is frozen and it doesn't matter what I do on the remote nothing happens,

Until the 4th of November everything was perfect, I was able to receive all the Freeview channels without any problems at all on all of the televisions,

Does anyone have a solution to this problem or has anyone else suffered similar?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:00 16 Nov 2009

Do not do a retune.

you need to do a full rest of the TV back to factory settings and let it find the channels, this appears to work better than a retune of the channels.

  onionskin 01:09 24 Nov 2009


MY TV was fine after the retune, we've since lost a few channels, i.e Sky News, Sky 3, Dave...

I'm hoping they'll come back after the next retune.

re: Your TV which needs a retune everytime you switch on - what channel does it start up on? If it starts on one of the missing channels, that might be the problem. Mine starts on whichever programme I last set a reminder for, yours may be different.

  wiz-king 06:30 25 Nov 2009

Advice click here

  tillybaby 08:06 25 Nov 2009

Hi and thank you for your suggestions but mine usually has BBC1 on when it fires up but of course it's completely frozen, no sound no movement on the screen and whatever I do on the remote nothing happens, I then have to do a complete first time installation as a re-tune just doesn't work, my box is only a few months old so don't think that's the issue, I see that Fruit Bat has suggested something else so will try that, then of course we're going completely digital in December .........I can't wait!!!

  onionskin 08:59 25 Nov 2009

The advice I got was to unplug the arial, switch on, do a retune or preferably a reset, then plug the arial back in and do a retune again.

It didn't actually work for me, I got some of the channels back but not all. But, next time I switched on, everything was back to normal.

Of course, I hadn't actually checked that the arial lead was fitted securely in the first place, thinking about it, that could have been the problem - I just assumed it was bl**dy Freview's fault.

  howard64 17:48 24 Dec 2009

davecooper I also have a Sharp Freeview 160Gb hard disk recorder. It was giving trouble - freezing etc. I talked with Sharpe technical that recommended setting the unit back to first time installation. This cleared out a lot of settings that you do not even realise are in its memory. They also suggested that it is a good idea to do this roughly every 6 months. So far their advice has been well worth following.

  David4637 13:09 26 Dec 2009

If you do a retune ALWAYS do it when the weather is good, that way you are less likely to lose TV channels that have a low signal strength for whatever reason. David

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