Change from THREE to Virgin Mobile

  amonra9 14:14 07 Oct 2017

I have just bought a second hand Galaxy S7 which is apparently locked to THREE. The THREE logo is on the start-up screen and I can't get rid of it. I have put my new nano sim card in, but the phone does not seem to recognise it. (Apparently the S7 is unlocked to all networks ????)

I still have my old phone working with the existing sim card , do I have to "verify" the new nano sim before it will work ? I thought the phone would automatically recognise it and then refuse to connect.

I don't want to "verify" the new sim until I can be sure that it will work in the new phone or I will be left with two useless phones !

Your help please ASAP thanks in advance.

  Govan1x 20:48 07 Oct 2017

locked to 3.Probably not be able to go to Virgin if locked to 3. orange or EE will work with Virgin not sure about any others.

  amonra9 21:51 07 Oct 2017

Thanks to you all, it seems as though I have to join THREE network then leave before it can be unlocked. Weird.......

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