Cellphone Carriers: Skype’s Got Your Number

  may555 06:28 30 Sep 2009

Skype, the Internet calling company owned by eBay, has struck a deal with Nokia to pre-load the company’s calling software on high-end mobile phones.
The world’s largest cellphone maker will start including Skype on its flagship N97 series phones later this year. Callers will be able to use the Skype software to make and receive calls over the phone’s 3G or WiFi Internet connection. Calls to other Skype users are free; calls to regular phone numbers come with a small charge. Skype wouldn’t reveal financial terms of the deal.
The move is part of Skype’s efforts to shift its service from desktop computers onto cellphones. That’s an idea that causes consternation among some network operators, especially since most make money by charging for calls.
“There’s a spectrum of reaction among operators,” said Skype’s chief operating officer Scott Durchslag in an interview with this blog. “Some still view us as a huge threat. The bigger we are, the more of a threat they perceive we are. Then there are those who are open and pragmatic and want to create a relationship.”
Skype has made inroads with one mobile phone operator: 3, which operates networks in the UK, Hong Kong and elsewhere. The companies worked together to create Skypephone, a special integrated handset and service package targeting Skype users, which launched in 2007. To date, over 500,000 Skypephones have sold.

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  donki 16:38 30 Sep 2009

Skype is a great application the best messenger program by far for desktop or laptop. I just dont see how it will benifit from going mobile, there are already programs for the iPhone that allow you to add multiple friends lists from Skype, Yahoo, Msn ect all onto one program.

The main benifits of Skype over Msn or yahoo is the video quality and audio is much better in my experience but I dont think video is ever goign to take off for a mobile phone and audio..... well thats what a standalone phone is for anyway.

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