Can't put new songs on aigo A208 2Gb

  bunny26 04:32 25 Aug 2008

I got an Aigo mp3 player for christmas and it has mostly worked fine. I put a few songs on at first thinking I'd add more later, but now later has arrived I find I am unable to add anything new to it.
Currently it only has 670Mb of space used so has more than 1Gb spare.
If I try to add new songs using windows media player it simply tells me an error has occurred, if I drag and drop from a music file I get "cannot copy ****, the directory or file cannot be created". I have tried deleting one file then adding a new one but the same occurs.
Does anyone know if this is fixable? If so, how? I am loathed to try formatting the device as if I cannot add music, at least I have what's there now.

Thank you for any advice you can offer.

  ICF 19:22 25 Aug 2008

If you only got it for Christmas take it back it's still under warranty

  ICF 19:25 25 Aug 2008

If it is under warranty then why not try to format it then if that don't work take it back
How to format click here

  De Nada 19:29 25 Aug 2008

You could try using a cd ripper,create a folder in my documents for your files after ripping,then try to download them to your mp3.if that doesnt work, as ICF,

  bunny26 02:17 28 Aug 2008

Well I tried formatting, started putting things back on and it was working fine. However I know have about as much music (size wise) as before am I'm getting the same error again.

Any suggestions?

  ICF 17:47 29 Aug 2008

Take it back

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