Can't get Google location right - Samsung phone

  AndrewRL 19:53 04 Jan 2019

I'm not hugely technical but have googled for ideas and tried a large number of "solutions" with no success. I just don't know where the problem is - phone, google, home wifi?

Essentially google location works fine except when I get home and connect to my home wifi. Then it insists that my location is at my previous address 7 miles away. My wife's phone has the same issue (both Samsung A3). Visitors connecting to our wifi do not have the same issue and their location in google is shown correctly.

I contacted Samsung who said it is a google issue. I have contacted google and heard nothing. I have changed all sorts of settings and cleared data/cache etc. I am not aware of a location stored in our router.

Any suggestions? I am at a loss and it is driving me mad as other apps use the location.

  lotvic 20:35 04 Jan 2019

I have changed all sorts of settings.....other apps use the location

Do other apps use your Home location or the location of where you actually are when out and about? Your meaning is not clear.

Is your current address shown in your Google 'Home' location or is that address your previous one 7 miles away? Have you set a 'Home' location for your current address?

To check: Open google maps, tap on the hamburger menu (3 horizontal lines at top left), tap on 'Your places', tap on the 3 dots to the left of 'Home', tap on 'Edit home' and either change the postal address shown (if it's not correct) or choose on map.

If you have already done that, please explain a bit more of what you have tried and the result (what happened) as there is no point in suggesting things you have already tried.

  lotvic 01:20 05 Jan 2019

MJS WARLORD, posted on wrong thread huh? seems you are having location problems of your own on the forum ;-P

  AndrewRL 19:15 07 Jan 2019

Hi. OK I'll try and be clearer.

When out and about using mobile signal and/or wifi (e.g. work/hotels) the google location (geolocation?) on google maps is correct and the blue dot follows me. Google search is also correct (i.e. on a search results where location appears at the bottom). Other apps using location are also correct and are based on the blue dot.

When I get home (new home) and connect to my home wifi, google maps shows the incorrect location (blue dot sits at my old home address), as does google search and other apps that rely on location now assume I am there with the blue dot. If I switch off the wifi connection on my phone, switch location off and on and then agree to the accuracy statement, then the blue location dot slowly drags itself to the correct place. If I then switch wifi back on on the phone then the blue dot jumps back to the incorrect place.

What have I tried? Location off/on, wifi off/on, remove/reconnect to wifi, tried all the accuracy options in settings, cleared location history, cleared maps data and cache, disabled/enabled maps, rebooted phone....all various times and in various combinations.

I have a "home" location/address marker on google maps but this doesn't seem to do anything other than be a pin on the map (no apps seem to refer to it). I followed the suggestion and this is definitely the new address.

As this only happens when connected to my home wifi I can only assume that there is some location stored in the router (??) but I have no idea where/how (it is a Plusnet router and the account has been updated to my new address).

  Secret-Squirrel 08:41 08 Jan 2019

Andrew, the most accurate type of geolocation is GPS, so if you're sure it's turned on, then stand by a window and see if that works better at determining your precise position.

As this only happens when connected to my home wifi ............

Deriving a geolocation by IP address is a lot less accurate but you can try turning your router off for a few minutes then turning it back on so you get a different IP address.

  AndrewRL 19:24 08 Jan 2019

Thanks all. I think it's solved. It was definitely something to do with the router/broadband as out of its range/switched off things were fine.

So I checked my broadband account again and although they had transferred the service several weeks ago and I had correspondence to my new address I found some references to the old address lurking in the account details/profile online. After a long chat online I managed to get all updated.

Having arrived home and gone to google maps....the blue dot is in the right place at last :-)

Sanity is hopefully restored.

Thanks again

  lotvic 13:38 13 Jan 2019

Thank you for taking the time to let us know. Hopefully all is okay now.

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