Can't get Email on phone without WiFi

  Wendy 15:12 12 May 2017

I have a Timmy phone which is really good. However, I have discovered that I can't get my email on it without wifi. My very old phone could access email using GPRS without any wifi needed. On this new smartphone, I just get the message that the app only works with wifi. Is there some other app or some other way I can get my email without wifi on the phone? I Have tried setting it to data and all that sort of thing. This probably sounds thick.
Can anyone help?

  bremner 16:31 12 May 2017

I am guessing you have mobile data turned off completely - Settings > Data Usage > Mobile Data or You have mobile data disabled for Email - Settings > Data Usage > Background Data > Email

  Forum Editor 22:28 12 May 2017

I agree with bremner - you need to turn on mobile data.

  Wendy 13:15 14 May 2017

Thank you for the two replies. It's good to know that people want to help. I have mobile data turned on, but it still says 'no connection. Would it need to connect via 3g? Sorry if I sound daft but I don't fully understand all of this.

  bremner 15:53 14 May 2017


No connection means there is no mobile data connection - on the top of the phone screen it will say what the state of the data connection is. To the left of the battery percentage you should see a right angled triangle which is the phone signal strength and to its left the data signal. What does it say?

  alanrwood 13:00 18 May 2017

Sounds as though you may not have the APN settings correct in Settings/More/Mobile Networks. Get the correct settings for your particular mobile supplier and enter them exactly.

  Wendy 10:21 29 May 2017

Thanks for all the replies. I'm afraid that in the end I gave up and bought another phone! The thing is we have very poor broadband here so the phone is pretty crucial. Thanks again

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