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Cant get 4G on phone i bought in the usa

  Bampot 10:14 20 Jul 2019

Hi as the title suggests i bought an LG stylo 4 phone while i was in the usa i used my ee sim while i was out there with no problem 4g was fully accessible, but ive arrived back in the uk and i can only access calls and txts 4g doesnt work no matter what i try,could any kindly let me know if theres anything i can do about this please.

  Bampot 18:09 20 Jul 2019

Hi thanks for your reply is there nothing at all that can be done, i bought the phone in texas im now back in scotland so taking it back isnt an option, maybee i can sell it on us ebay.

  Bampot 20:41 21 Jul 2019

Intresting development i tryed my sons giff gaff pay as you go sim in the phone and 4g works no problem, from what i understand giff gaff operates on the o2 network which im pretty sure is also 800mhz so it looks like it can connect, the ee sim is fine as i tryed that in another phone and 4g is fine...think ill phone ee tech support and see if they can help.

  Bampot 17:15 07 Aug 2019

I ended up leaving EE and signing up with vodophone and have had absolutly no issues must have been down to the band EE use for their 4g.

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