Can't copy photo's from DVD

  sgtdibble 17:42 16 Nov 2008

I have been some photo's by a the family of a late friend they are on a CD rom or DVD I would like to copy some of them but can't work out how. I can play the slideshows on Nero but would like to take individual photo's to put a cd does anyone know how?

  jack 18:45 16 Nov 2008

To find this out load the disk and right click open and and describe what you have.
Some times there will be individual images on others you will see a single file.
However here is one way to capture an image and save it no matter how it is made.
With the image on screen press Alt and Print Screen together.
Now open an image editor[or if you do not have one go to Start/Accessories/Paint and in the Edit section click on 'Paste New Image '
This should bring that image to screen from whence you can save it to a suitable location.
This useful utility will also assist.

click here

  sgtdibble 19:11 16 Nov 2008

If I open the disc it will only play as a slide show I can't get it to open as thumbnails and a message box says windows cannot open this file I think they must be in read only does that mean I have no way of getting the photos off the disc?

  MCE2K5 21:35 16 Nov 2008

If you are using 'Nero ShowTime' to play the slideshow, You can take a snapshot of the Photos click here Page 15, Section 5.1.3 Capturing a Frame.

  sgtdibble 23:32 16 Nov 2008

MCE2K5 I can find a camera icon that says capture frame but I can't find where it puts them

  MCE2K5 00:12 17 Nov 2008

If you use my 'click here' above, goto page 14, go into options, General, Capture Frame, the directory can be set and also the picture type (jpg bmp) and size.

I don't have nero on this Laptop, So can't be exact, but it's all in the options.

  sgtdibble 10:21 17 Nov 2008

MCE2K5 Thanks got it now much obliged to you

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