Can't cancel Amazon Prime through account settings

  ady888s 13:01 21 Feb 2018

I started Amazon prime membership as a free trial a week ago. I don't often use Amazon so I really only wanted to use it for a one off delivery and then cancel pretty quickly so I wouldn't forget. After 48 hours, I still couldn't cancel the Amazon prime membership free trial on the app on my phone. I tried on my pc and couldn't do it there either. I called customer services and they assured me it was cancelled but couldn't explain why I couldn't cancel from my own account settings. The next day a payment/payment check was requested on my account to pay for prime membership. And now my account was locked! (I have heard if you remove your payment information at this stage that the situation becomes even more difficult to solve.) So I set a reminder to go off on my phone everyday for a week to make sure I kept following up on it. (Bearing in mind I am now on my holiday, not what I want to be doing!) 4 days later I still couldn't cancel the Amazon Prime free trial through my account settings and Amazon were attempting to charge my credit card. The second person I spoke to cancelled while I was on the phone within 20 seconds (I told her I was recording the conversation). She couldn't explain why otherwise it is so difficult to cancel during the free trial period. (either by my own hand or with the first customer services representative). I have been very unhappy with the level of service. I really don't like that what should be a straightforward process (the 'free' trial) became quite stressful. I have deleted all of the cards on my account for now. Has anyone else had this level of difficulty cancelling the Amazon prime trial? Thanks Adrian

  ady888s 13:19 21 Feb 2018

Ps There was definitely no option to cancel in my account, just a message saying: "amazon prime membership should be active in a few minutes" 4 days later! You can't cancel it if it's not active but they can start fishing for money!

  Forum Editor 14:01 21 Feb 2018

"Has anyone else had this level of difficulty cancelling the Amazon prime trial?"

No, not recently. The cancellation process is pretty straightforward, and is usually confirmed by email within the hour.

  BT 17:26 21 Feb 2018

Amazon send you an Email shortly before the Trial Membership expires and you can cancel at any time before and including this time. It seems unlikely that they would be trying to take the subscription within a week of joining.

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