Canon Zoombrowser software

  the hick 19:43 16 Jul 2008

Used this for 3 years now, on total of 4 Canon compact cameras now, its now started to go wrong, and refuses to open. Previously, it refused to open a picture by double-click on image in Z-browser, so I suspected something wrong. I note, all this is since installing Avast and Spyware Terminator, but would these affect it? Should I uninstall, and load software again? I am a bit perplexed, since we use this a lot, for downloading from the cameras, stitching photos together, etc. Any advice appreciated, thanks.

  jack 13:46 17 Jul 2008

Some Graphics software start 'losing bits of themselves' after while.
A Reinstall sorts it.
Some have a repair function too- that can sort it.

  jack 10:32 18 Jul 2008

camera supplied software.
It is at best a 'get you started' option.
Plenty of Free graphics applications to choose from - Picasa and Irfanview are two.

For more sophisticated stuff but free[ish] look at the click here site where they offer free earlier versions of their current range - you will of course get a nag to upgrade[for money]
and of course good old PCA cover discs.
May and June this year have two such free packages

  the hick 19:57 18 Jul 2008

But, I don't think I will be able to download from camera using Picasa or Irfanview? I'll give them a try, nonetheless.

  jack 20:19 18 Jul 2008

Windows look at media cards in a camera as simple another removable drive.
When the camera is plugged in with no program running- Windows puts up the Scanner camera wizard.
This enables you to open the folder and to save them to a folder of your choosing.
This is a Windows thing.
Download the suggested programs and you can then direct either to the drive in question.

If you have a 'standard' computer with a C D drive and perhaps E then the new drive showing in my computer as 'F' or higher is the camera.
If you are still in trouble the invest in a card reader- very cheap £10 or so

  shizzy 22:18 18 Jul 2008

Agree that you don't have to use Zoombrowser but it is handy as it will only download new pictures and not ones which are already on the PC.

  Babou 00:41 20 Jul 2008

I don't know if you've tried downloading software updates from the Canon website - it's a bit of a faff, you choose your camera and get a list of downloads, but it might solve your problem.

I quite like Zoombrowser for downloading pix...

  jack 09:51 20 Jul 2008

I repeat the advice.
Camera supplied software in not exclusive to a camera or needed in a Windows Computer- as stated Window can do it all by its self.
The Free downloads are usually superior to any supplied software and a purchased image editor even better -albeit with a somewhat steep learning curve -sometimes

  the hick 11:20 12 Aug 2008

Many thanks for the advice, now working ok after re-install, just downloaded my holiday pix. One puzzle, the portrait-format pictures in Z-browser now apear with a little rotational arrow in the top left corner. This didnt occur earlier. Anyone know what has caused it?

  jack 12:07 12 Aug 2008

That puzzle us all.
Software can sometimes miss a file in install or it corrupts and Windoze does not see it.
A reinstall can put it all in that time around.

A 'background' update of the camera software may well have added a little 'extra'
If it works fine.

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