Canon Powershot G9 memory question

  ynohtna 18:19 11 Aug 2008

Hi all,
I have a Canon Powershot G9 and whilst on holiday the memory card was filled and the pictures started to store in the cameras internal memory. Now im back, i have transferred all the pics from the full memory card (SD extreme III 2.0gb) to my laptop and deleted them from the card but cant figure out how to transfer the ones still displayed on the camera (in the intrnal memory).... have rummaged around the supplied Canon user guides but cant find an answer...... anyone...?

  jack 19:59 11 Aug 2008

If you can- then hopefully you will see the 'infernal; memory
Alternatively connect the camera to computer with card out and see if Windows can find it.

  Binnacle 10:09 12 Aug 2008

I have a G9 and have never been aware that it had an internal memory . It came supplied with a 32mb sd card as part of the standard kit.
I have re-read the specifications and instructions also the menu ,they make no mention of an internal memory.
I could be wrong but i think you are out of luck ?
If someone else can clarify then I too would be interested.

  hssutton 10:42 12 Aug 2008

I was rather surprised by the mention of internal memory as there is no mention of this in the cameras specs

  Binnacle 11:05 12 Aug 2008

Yes, as i said above ,i have not come across a mention of it anywhere.Where the confusion may be is that on the spec sheet it makes mention of the supplied memory,meaning of course the sd card ?

  shizzy 22:01 12 Aug 2008

I have no internal storage on my G7.

  anskyber 14:05 13 Aug 2008

Most cameras have a sort of internal memory. In effect it's like a buffering space to allow for faster read/write speeds than available through normal memory devices like cards.

My understanding is this will work with the card to optimise speed but it will not add to the overall memory.

  anskyber 14:08 13 Aug 2008

As explained here. click here

  ynohtna 18:56 14 Aug 2008

Hi all, thanks for the comments so far. Have tried connecting the camera to the pc with no memory card inserted.... no joy. I still have over 100 pics that i can view on the camera but are not on the memory card (have tried it in another camera)... have been having a play and when connecting the camera / pc, the pc shows the pics as CR2 files (i have no idea what these are) and i am unable to open them... any clus how i can re-format them as jpg?

  anskyber 19:08 14 Aug 2008

CR2 files are very high def and memory hungry RAW files. click here

No idea how you access them.

  anskyber 19:13 14 Aug 2008

Could your camera be set to save in JPeg and RAW?
click here

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