Canon Powershot A70 problem

  Wee Scotty 22:38 18 Oct 2005

After 18 months my Canon A70 gets purple bands across the screen which stops you taking pictures.

Temporary fix if you gently twist the body of the camera.

See attached for similar problems world wide.
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Has Canon admitted there is a problem?

  anchor 16:57 19 Oct 2005

Yes, they have.

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Quote: "The affected cameras are the PowerShot A60, PowerShot A70, PowerShot A75, PowerShot A300, PowerShot A310, Digital IXUS V3, Digital IXUS II, Digital IXUS IIs. Canon advises anyone experiencing these problems to contact them to arrange free repairs".

  Wee Scotty 19:07 19 Oct 2005

Thanks for the quick response.

I had contacted a UK Canon repairer and they claimed not to have experienced the problem!!!

  anchor 14:02 21 Oct 2005

Maybe they in particular had not; but Canon have; and admit there is a potential problem.

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UK technical helpdesk:

08705 143 723

  anchor 14:04 21 Oct 2005

What they say:

"It has been found, that in rare case, some of the CCDs, used in Canon digital camera and digital video cameras, have a problem that causes abnormal image output.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. Canon will offer free repairs where an error is caused by this malfunction.

Canon would like to advise our customers of the details of this issue and our policy for handling it.

Problem details:
Among the CCDs used in the affected products, it has been confirmed that in extremely rare cases, under high-temperature/high-humidity environments, some of the internal wiring comes off.

If this defect occurs, the signal is not output from the CCD correctly when in shooting mode. This results in image abnormalities such as:

Images do not appear
Image colors are abnormal
Images appear distorted
These symptoms can be confirmed on the LCD monitor.
We kindly request users who have confirmed these symptoms to contact the nearest Canon Service Centre.

Free repairs will be made for affected products in cases where it has been confirmed that the internal CCD wiring has come off".

  2neat 23:22 22 Oct 2005


  anchor 14:57 02 Nov 2005

So, what has happened?.

The fact that twisting the camera helps suggests that something has come loose; perhaps the internal wiring as described by Canon.

  anchor 16:21 09 Nov 2005

It seems we are never to hear the conclusion of this story.

  kayemtee 02:10 29 Dec 2005

I am sending my A70 in to Canon, will let you know how it goes! Has anyone had success with this issue?

  ton 17:57 29 Dec 2005

Added to my postings.

  Dixie10 20:05 22 Nov 2008

I had this problem as well, Canon gave me the address of my nearest repair centre, A Johnston in Glasgow. They confirmed that it was a CCD problem and carried out the repair for free. This was about 4 weeks ago and the camera was returned to me in perfect working order, or so I thought. I took a few pictures and everything seemed ok. Now I've just returned from holiday and have tried to download the images to my PC, whilst they look fine on the LCD screen once downloaded they all have coloured bands accross them! Back to A Johnston for me then!

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