Canon G10 - does anybody use one?

  Forum Editor 18:37 11 Dec 2009

I am hovering on the brink of buying this camera. I have a trip down under coming up in the new year, and I'll need to take lots of images for a business project.

I have a Canon DSLR, but it's pretty hefty, and I want to travel light. The G10 looks a better bet than its successor, the G11, and it doesn't have the articulating screen, which would irritate me.

Before I flex the plastic I thought I would see if anyone has personal experience of the G10.

  ^wave^ 15:39 12 Dec 2009

take a look at stevesdigicams site the g11 gets a really good right up compare it with the g10. i have an a640 which has the swivel screen and it is so useful you can switch it so it is off and protected its great for shots that require you to hold the camera at an unusual angle

  shizzy 21:55 12 Dec 2009

FE, we have both the G7 and the G10. We mostly just use them in the point and shoot mode but get very good results. The batteries in both last very well. They both very good for flowers and butterflies etc. using macro. I know they are not up to SLR standard but are a very good camera without the hassle of carrying any extras.

  hastelloy 05:19 13 Dec 2009

I suggest you look at the SX10 click here

  Forum Editor 08:41 13 Dec 2009

Thanks for the link. The SX10 is a fair bit larger and heavier than the G10, and the whole idea of taking a compact instead of my 50D is to cut down on size and weight.

  Forum Editor 08:43 13 Dec 2009

Thanks for that response. I've compared the two cameras, and I know the G11 is well reviewed, but in my view it doesn't have enough in the way of improvements to warrant the price increase, and as I said in my earlier post, I don't like articulated screens.

  Forum Editor 08:45 13 Dec 2009

Thank you. I was particularly interested to see what you say about macro use - I'll be taking lots of images in that mode.

Are you happy with build quality?

  bremner 10:30 13 Dec 2009

Each person in my office has either a G7 or G10. They are carried all over the UK and to many places in the world and have been exceedingly reliable and robust, battery life is also very good.

They are regularly used in Macro mode and produce exceedingly good, detailed results.

Several of my colleagues have now bought one for their personal use.

  Forum Editor 12:04 13 Dec 2009

Thank you, that's encouraging - I can feel a purchase coming on. Amazon appears to be the seller of choice - £329

  ^wave^ 16:34 13 Dec 2009

before you buy check this £399
click here

  shizzy 16:57 13 Dec 2009

FE I use the G7 and that one is the best quality (we think anyway) as the G10 has more plastic, what newer models don't these days, where mine is metal but the 10 has a better handgrip and a larger screen. Picture wise they are of equal quality.
This link is a good place to have another here
I could attach a picture or two to your contact FE address if you wish.

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