Canon EOS 400D

  cliff100 12:23 02 Dec 2008

I have a Canon 400D but would like to do some close up work. I have got the normal manual and also purchased the Dummies guide to this camera.
But I still can not find how to use live view mode. so I can take pics using the monitor.
Has anyone got the same camera and knows how to do this.


  ventanas 12:31 02 Dec 2008

I'm not a Canon user, but from memory I don't think the 400D had live view did it?
I think it was introduced with the 450D.
Not a feature I would use anyway, I much prefer the viewfinder on my cameras.

  ventanas 12:34 02 Dec 2008

Yep, no live view. See the comparison here
click here

  hssutton 14:17 02 Dec 2008

Liveview, which you do not have on this camera will not give you close-ups, this is down to the lens in use.
Liveview is however a major help when "fine focussing" a macro lens due to the fact that you can enlarge many times the image on the LCD screen, but like Ventanas I much prefer the the viewfinder.

  ventanas 15:28 02 Dec 2008

In explanation, I prefer the viewfinder because every bit of information about the shot I am going to get is there to see - shutter, aperture, ISO, compensation and a heck of a lot more without having to move the eye away. Try looking at a screen with just a bit of sunshine and try to cope with the glare.
And I'm used to it this way.
I used to do a lot of macro with my old Olympus 35mm kit using tubes and bellows which cannot be beaten for absolute focus accuracy. Now I just have a set of tubes for my Nikon gear.
If focus and depth of field does become a problem there is the technique known as Focus Stacking which does require additional software such as Helicon Focus or a freeware called Combine ZM which is a bit harder to use.

  cliff100 21:21 02 Dec 2008

thanks everyone, Well thats why I could not find the option anywhere the camera has not got it. Just have to stick with the view finder. Just got some great macro lens attachments on Ebay and thought live view mode would help. But thanks anyway.


  sean-278262 14:26 04 Dec 2008

Just to add. If you really like macro photography consider looking into m42 lenses. These are of great quality and an adapter for the EOS400d can be had for about £3-5. You can get a good macro lens with a close focusing distance for about £10 on an M42 fitting on ebay.

I myself have a wonderful 400mm M42 lens great for bird photography or long distance shots where you have the time to eye everything up. When you consider a 70-300 sigma lens for canon would set you back at least £220 new there are many advantages to be had.

Even better still I paid £20 for it and it works out to be a 640mm lens with the crop factor taken into account. Plus the lens I have was in its day the range topper so effectivly you are getting a mid range quality modern day lens for a fraction of the price.

The macro +1s or whatever you have gotten will be good but nothing beats a good old fashioned lens.

One last point if you do go down the M42 route be sure to note that you will have to manually manage any settings for the lens, unlike your EF-s on the camera which can do everything for you. However for macro shots you would tend to do it all manually.

If you have any other questions feel free to message me.


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