Canon Digital Cameras

  johndrew 18:48 11 Jan 2006

I`m in the market for a digital camera and have now shortlisted to two the Canon A620 and the S80, but I have a problem.

When rweading the reviews of both, written by users who claim to be knowledgeable and some of whom are professional photographers, there appears to be a lack of agreement as to the better of the two.

Please may I ask what makes the A620 so good or bad compared to the S80. Looking at the specs there seems to be little in it other than some minor (or to my knowledge minor) differences.

Could it be the S80 is a newer spec., more pixels or what? I would really appreciate an informed opinion. Preferably someone who has used both.

  hssutton 21:14 11 Jan 2006

"S" or "A" they're both basic cameras. Read the reviews at what is accepted as the best review site of all click here.
The main difference between the two is, the S80 is wider at the wide end, and shorter at the long end.

  johndrew 20:10 13 Jan 2006

Thanks for your response but I don`t understand..

"wider at the wide end, and shorter at the long end"

I have looked at the site you recommend it is one of the many I confused myself with.

  hssutton 00:18 14 Jan 2006

Sorry John, The S80 has a 28-100mm zoom lens whereas the A620 lens is 35-140mm. The result being the 620 has a more powerful zoom (will get you closer into the action), but if you're into shooting landscape or groups of people indoors the 28mm of the S80 would be more benificial.
I think my preference would be the A620.

  johndrew 11:03 14 Jan 2006

Many thanks. You have been of great assistance and helped me finalize my decision. For the difference in spec and apparent operability vs. cost I must go for the A620.

But I must also price batteries, charger and a bigger memory card!!!

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