Canon Digital Camera G9 Brilliant

  prince midas 19:09 31 Jul 2008

I have been using a Canon G9 now for about a week & the shots it takes are absolutley brilliant.

Just one minor problem and unfortunatley the camera shop could not give me an answer.

How do you get the camera to show just the date on the viewfinder without it showing the rest of the camera information.

  ^wave^ 20:09 31 Jul 2008

try using the disp button

  prince midas 09:30 01 Aug 2008

Thank you wave for your reply but the display button shows more than the date and I only want the date on my prints.

I read the instructions direct from the CD & I set it to show the Date only but when I look at the screen it shows the date and the time in the bottom of the screen but it also shows more technical thing such as the file number etc in the top right hand corner which I do not want it to print even though I told it not to show this.

  shizzy 22:34 01 Aug 2008

I have the G7 and as I understand you cannot put the date on the pictures in the camera but you can add it in the zoombrowser software.The G7 also takes brilliant pictures.

  prince midas 10:04 02 Aug 2008

Shizy is it pissible just to print a picture with the date only using Zoom Browser because when you set in on the screen it shows everything. Have you actually ever printed a picture with just the date on?

  shizzy 22:18 02 Aug 2008

The imformation that you see on the camera screen is not what shows on the print. After you have transferred the pictures to your computer if you open the pics up in Canon Zoombrowser and select one to edit you will see the option to select text and it is here that you can insert the date and anything you wish on the picture before you print it. Another thing that is handy with this software is that if you tranfer your pictures directly from the camera using the tiny button on the top lefthand corner as you look at the back of the camera, no. 3 on my instruction book diagram, it only loads new pics on to your PC and doesn't duplicate.It lights up blue when you use it but you wait for the box to open up on screen first. Hope this helps.

  prince midas 09:48 03 Aug 2008

Thank you Shizzy.

Just one final question as I obviously have not printed anything.
Using Zoom Browzer can I tell it to just put the date in and then transfer this knowledge to a
1GB USB and take the USB to a shop for printing or do I have to print my own on a computor.I would prefer the shop to print if possible?

  shizzy 21:48 03 Aug 2008

We always print our own photos but yes you would be able to copy to a USB key although you won't get many photos on 1GB. Some of my pictures are nearly 3GB per photo. Also I don't know if shops print from USB devices perhaps someone else can answer this for you. If you can copy them to a disc that would probably be ok.
In Zoombrowser you type in the date on the photo where you want and in whatever colour you choose.
I would make a new folder and copy some of your photos to it and get used to typing the date on them before doing it on your originals.

  prince midas 09:44 04 Aug 2008

Thanks Shizzy for your advice & comments.

I have a 4GB memory stick & I just put my photos on it and take it to my local photo shop who print them for myself.
In passing this weekend I took a scene across the valley using the wide setting showing a lake,& a house.I then took the same shot focussing on the house at the 6 times setting which is the recommended zoom. I then used the digital zoom at 24 times to blow up the house and okay I had the take 3 shots to get rid of the blur but one of them is absolutley brilliant at 24 times,what about that. I put it on my computor and it is sharp. Best wishes for the future I think my problems are now resolved.

  shizzy 21:34 04 Aug 2008

Glad that you are sorted. Yes the digital 24 times is surprising. I have used it for birds and aeroplanes as well as cows in fields. They really are nice cameras.
I have not joined but this site is quite interesting. click here

  prince midas 11:07 05 Aug 2008

Shizzy here I am back again,hope you are about.

I have managed to put the date as you suggested on my prints which is great.

Only when I take my card out of the camera and put it in a card reader to play on my computor it gave about 6 different drives .I sorted out which one had my pictures on no problem and then I transfered them to my computor & saved them.

When the pc said it was safe to remove I removed the memory reader & took out the memory card.

But when i play on my camera it is blank but it will record new pictures.

I checked the memory card through my card reader & it as all the photos on it but it does not show them in the camera but it will add new photos. What am I doing wrong.

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