Cannot copy DVD dubbed from family VCR

  Diemmess 15:23 13 May 2010

A previous thread click here has become stale anyway after trying all sorts of ways and trying both Nero and Ashampoo.

8mm Cine > VCR > DVD has had its share of problems, all gone now I've learned on the job.

The final aim is to produce playable several DVD copies of each VCR, so that each of my offspring can have their own set.

Using a Panasonic DMR-EH60DEB (HD,SD and DVD options, I can make playable DVDs - fine.
Then whichever way I try on the PC - simulate, copy from intermediate file, slower rate, and so on, the process always fails during the early part of the write process, just after there is s sniff of info. on the now spoied DVD blank.

I've little doubt that I can copy text or pictures etc to a DVD, but I have never tried this with video before.
I realise there are warnings that most commercial DVDs wont allow copy, and wonder if the Panasonic recorder puts something similar on the new DVD.

Anyone with experience of this please?

  jack 18:35 13 May 2010

In the recorder.
You did do that didn't you.
Then try this Burn Program
Copes with everything I throw at it.

click here

  Diemmess 11:10 14 May 2010

Tried Express Burn and at least the copy was made!

This will play on the TV Panasonic DVD recorder but merely clicking on the drive in My Computer only gives the message-
"Windows Media Player cannot play the DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer."

What have I done?/not done?

Lazarus The 2nd
I will try the VIDEO_TS copy to HD first.....
.... but at the moment will have to burn it from Ashampoo or Express Burn.
Thank goodness for Acronis being able to swop configurations and avoid conflicts from Nero and others at the same time.

  jack 12:30 14 May 2010

down load click here

As suggested - it's FREE and worth a play

  Confab 12:42 14 May 2010

This is a bit of a long shot but some DVD recorders have two recording modes- Video and VR mode. The VR mode allows greater control over editing whereas the Video mode is compatible with other DVD recorders and with PC’s DVD drives.

Make sure that your standalone DVD recoder is recording in Video mode and then do as Jack says and finalize the disc. Also perhaps try some other brand of DVD

  Diemmess 13:15 14 May 2010

Yes Jack, that's the one that produced a copy.
AND Yes from your ealiest post I did Finalise or as the recorder said Finish the DVDs

The goal posts have shifted:

I've only just realised - None of the direct DVDs from the Panasonic dubbing via its HD will play with WMP on my PC!

They all of course play on the original recorder.

Is this perhaps because unlike the DVDs in question, any files that do play on my PC have the subscript .wmv ?

  Confab 13:27 14 May 2010

You could have a look here

click here

  Diemmess 15:53 14 May 2010

Confession time :
All I have learned just shows how little I know!

Significantly from Confab's link it would appear my Panasonic doodah does seem to keep its own way of doing things.

Scrolling down the listed units in the database I see WMV is specifically NOT supported.

This [I presume] means that the flaw is in the original DVDs and not in the subsequent software trying to copy these original DVDs.

If so, that would explain the reason for my failures.

  Confab 16:25 14 May 2010

I don’t think that WMV is the issue here. You need to be able to create a finalised DVD in Video mode – One that is playable as a DVD on another brand of DVD player or PC DVD drive. I think that the first thing you should do is to check that the DVD’s you’re creating on your standalone Panasonic writer are playable in another DVD player – perhaps by putting one into your PC DVD player and seeing if you can watch it using say NERO DVD player or any other DVD player that you have on your PC. This should at least eliminate some sort of Panasonic propriety format.

As I said before it could also just be the brand or type of DVD disc that your set up doesn’t get on with. What DVD’s are you using DVD RAM/ -R /– RW etc?

  Confab 16:46 14 May 2010

Think I meant “proprietary format”

  Diemmess 17:45 14 May 2010

A current worry is due to the lingering thought that these master disks DID once play on my PC.

Now I'm wondering if trying to duplicate them and whatever software I tried, just made coasters, and worse, upset my Windows Media Player in the process.

I've tried two different DVD makes, all are DVD-R

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