Can you tell when you are calling other networks?

  numskull 10:56 18 Apr 2008

Call cost me £12 yesterday because I did not realise calls to other networks were 40p per min. Is there a way of telling which network you are calling, other than asking the person you are calling?

  numskull 18:24 21 Apr 2008

Obviously not!

  pavvi 23:44 21 Apr 2008

The short answer is that there is no way of knowing without asking. There was a time when different networks had different first 5 numbers. However, since people have been able to switch their old number to a new network, this isn't as easy as it once was.

You do need to bear in mind that when you do change network and keep your number, when it comes to calling the mobile from home, you get charged the rate for the network that originally issued the number. 3 network is the most expensive to call from a land line, and say for example you get a pac code and transfer to orange, when you call the mobile number from your home phone, you will get charged for ringing a 3 network number, not an orange number. It's a long time since I have seen a call charge chart for obvious reasons, but 3 is by far the most expensive network to call from a landline.

  numskull 07:39 22 Apr 2008

Thanks for that. Gosh, a star has answered my question, that's made my day! Hope the singing career is going well, you deserved it.

  setecio 22:32 29 Apr 2008

Yea, it makes Orange PAYG 15pm all netowrks sound great value, which it is, and also gives 300 free texts when you top up by £10 per month.

As for call a mobile from home - use phonecheap 7ppm 08717727272 click here

  mymate 13:29 22 May 2008

click here Try that page .I have not used it for ages but it used to work ok

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