Can somebody explain what "Mirroring" is ?

  SidCowans33 20:02 26 Nov 2018

I have a friend who takes a wifi feed into his tablet and then appears to broadcast the content of his tablet screen onto his Plasma Smart TV via something called "mirroring". I don't consider myself too slow on digital and IT matters but I can't find a laymans explanation as to how "mirroring" works. I can see what it is doing but I don't understand the data/signal flow. Is the tablet communicating direct with the TV or is it bouncing back to the source and then out to the TV ?

My reason for asking is that despite having a source broadband signal of 80mbs, he gets an occasionally scratchy result on his TV ..... as in picture freezes when I live just down the road and have no problems with a hdmi wired link taking the same stream.

Any help appreciated !

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