Can I use my cousin's old contract phone as a payG

  six-h 23:27 28 Jun 2008

My cousin has just complained to me that she has been forced to accept a new phone with her contract, with all the associated bother of getting used to it when the old one was just fine.
I wouldn't mind using her cast-off one as a pay and go, whether on the same network, or another.
Would this be possible or would her provider object??

  exprog 09:16 29 Jun 2008

There is certainly no problem with Vodafone, as I have been doing this for years. As soon as my wifes contract runs out we renew with a new handset, and I use her old one with my Pay-as you-go sim card.
I dont see why there would be a problem with other networks.
The only problem would be if the phone was locked to a network, and uou were trying to use a different networks card.

  FatboySlim71 09:22 29 Jun 2008

If she is with O2 then she could have been moved on to the simplicity 30 day contract, this is basically a contract (30 day one) where if you are happy with your phone you can use the Simplicity tariff and by doing this it costs less as there is no phone supplied with the Simplicity tariff.

You should be able to use her "cast off" on pay and go.

Regarding "whether on the same network, or another. Would this be possible or would her provider object??"

Basically once you have completed the contract the phone is yours to do whatever you want with. Some contract phones are basically able to accept any sim card from any network, as the user would have a choice to go on to either Vodafone, O2, Orange, so the phones have to be made to work on the various networks. However, if she got the phone from say for example Vodafone shop, Orange shop, the phones will only work on that network. You can however in most instances get the provider lock removed.

If she has purchased the phone from say for example Carphone Warehouse then the phone should accept any sim card, unless it is a model that is exclusive to say the Vodafone network. I believe that the O2 shop supply phones that are not locked to their network, although I am not 100 percent sure.

Best thing is to try your sim card in your cousins old phone and see if it works.

  six-h 14:42 29 Jun 2008

Thanks guys, I don't currently have a mobile, and know little about them, except that if I'm able to use her cast off, (Orange I think) it would be better than any that I would wish to purchase for purely emergency use.
Since she's 200 miles away, I'll get her to investigate with her supplier for me.
Thanks again for your help!

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