Can downloaded Android emails be backed up?

  Shaun B 06:20 17 Oct 2015


Helpfully the nice chaps at TalkTalk accidentally deleted my mailbox. They are in process of trying to recover it but is not looking hopeful.

I have a snapshot of some of the emails downloaded to my android phone using the basic email app and was wondering if anyone knows of a way to backup or archive these so if I were to update my phone I wouldn't lose them and could still access them moving forward.

I have looked into some email backup up programs but they require a connection to my mailbox which is not currently possible. Presumably the downloaded emails must be stored someone on my phone so I'm hopeful they can be accessed and backed up.

Many thanks in advance.


  lotvic 00:50 18 Oct 2015

The advice you got on click here looks to be good.

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