Can anyone help with my SD card recovery?

  natalie2924 09:19 04 Sep 2018

Good Morning.

I just wondered if anyone could help me, I had my phone stolen from me a couple of weeks ago, thankfully I got my phone back from the police but the thief ended up taking my phone to a cash shop and factory reset my phone some how. I've lost everything off it. I have a 32gb sd card at home, I tried to put that in my phone as it was full of photos that hadn't been backed up yet and because of the factory reset there is nothing left on my sd card. I just wondered if any MAC users could tell me of any software I could download to get the images back and restore them? I've googled it and found quite a lot, but just wondered if anyone could tell me of any that actually worked for them?

Honestly I would be so grateful for any help as I have photos on there of a relative who has passed away, I was stupid enough not to back them up but I didn't expect my phone to be stolen.

Thank you

  polymath 11:04 04 Sep 2018

Was the SD card that's full of photos in the phone when it was stolen? Either way, some could get overwritten if you put it in the phone at this stage.

  polymath 11:10 04 Sep 2018

And how how was the card formatted - as internal, or external/removable?

  natalie2924 12:26 04 Sep 2018

The card wasn't in the phone when it was stolen, I had it at home. But for some reason it appears empty when I try to back up the photos from the computer. I'm not sure how it was formatted but I think it was internal :( Hopefully there is still a way to get them off the SD card.

Thanks, Natalie

  polymath 14:14 04 Sep 2018

If it was formatted as internal, that would explain why the computer can't see the photos (it would only be readable by the phone it was formatted by - is that your current phone?)

  natalie2924 14:16 04 Sep 2018

Yes that is my current phone that was recovered from the police. But it has been factory reset when the thief tried to sell the phone. Does that mean the files are unrecoverable? I have tried looking at the sd card using the phone but it appears empty on there too.

  polymath 16:56 04 Sep 2018

I'll leave that to the people more knowledgeable about recovery than me! Meanwhile, I'd take the card out if it's in the phone or in any other device (first checking if it first needs unmounting in the phone software) If recovery is possible, it could be scuppered by any overwriting or other changes to the card.

A bit more detail might help with responses; phone, computer, operating systems. (And did the phone and/or computer detect that a card had been inserted?)

  natalie2924 09:23 06 Sep 2018

The phone is a Sony Xperia XZ and I am currently using a MAC computer to try and recover the files. The SD card is no longer in the phone and I have tried putting it in an adapter to the computer to recover the files, I have also tried to recover the files by putting it in the phone but that didn't work either :( So any help at all would be appreciated, thanks x

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