Camera for taking pictures of cats

  pictureme 19:33 28 Oct 2010

at the moment i use a Sony cybershot p12 that i have had for a few years now, but it isn't giving me the type of picture that i am looking for. I use the pictures to advertise my cats and kittens and to put onto my webstie as i am a pedigree cat breeder and getting good picutres are not so good with this camera. i am looking for something to take moving pictures as they are always playing and on the move, something that the flash dosen't make them shut their eyes when taking the picture. budget about £300 if possible and looking at the Nikon and Fujifilm digital cameras nothing too flash but will catch detail in new born kittens and will take good movement picutres and videos.
Can anyone advice me please on what ones would do the job.

  BT 08:50 29 Oct 2010

The reason you are getting pictures of your cats with their eyes shut is that you have the anti Red Eye function turned on. This gives a preflash just before the main flash fires resulting in cats shutting eyes. Turn it off and you should be OK. By the time the cat reacts to the flash the picture will already have been taken.

  jack 17:41 29 Oct 2010

In normal daylight or room lighting take the photos with no flash using a higher ASA number
Then brighten the images in an image editor.

  hssutton 10:07 30 Oct 2010

The camera you have is more than ideal, if all you're doing is placing the photos on the web.

Maybe you should think more about your technique.

Flash is not ideal for this type of photography, but I would not go Jacks way of upping the ISO as this will introduce noise into the picture.

Such as a pair these click here with the light bounced of the ceiling/walls should solve all your problems apart from the video aspect

  jack 10:22 30 Oct 2010

suggested by hss.
But low rez web pix should be OK.
Turn off the Flash - or mask it with tissue paper
If in a well day lighted room - a large piece of white card or similar angled from source to subject is another way of getting more light onto the subject.
Another way using materials to hand- a couple of halogen desk lamps.
The object of the exercise which ever way you go is to get the animal used to the brighter light source.

  Graham. 23:23 30 Oct 2010

The only thing you need is lots of patience. When I go round to fosterers to photograph their cats and kittens for our website, they encourage them to jump about and play. I explain I want them still and looking appealing. I give them time to settle down and get used to me being there. And the cats.

Some views here click here and visit other pages.

  pictureme 23:54 30 Oct 2010

What about using a Fujifilm f300exr some say it's a good camera others ay the picutre isn't that good qaulity in taking pic of cats moving. what do you think?

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