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  dharmz 15:08 01 Oct 2008

Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me. i bought a panasonic lumix fx-100 had have recently (thru no fault of my own) gotten sand stuck in the telescopic mechanism. The camera was still

Since the cost of the camera is worth way more than the repair, i decided to have it fixed. I took it to a local camaera store, who quoted me and informed me that the camera would be fixed and returned within 2 weeks for a price of £103. 3 weeks went by with no feed back from the store so i enquired and was informed that since the whole telescope mechanism had to be replaced, there would be a delay.

a further 2 weeks passed by (once again with no feedback from the store) so i enquired again. they informed me my camera would be repaired by next week. i waited for them to contact me (which they did a further 2 weeks later) to inform me it was fixed and instore.

I went to pick it up and since there was no charged battery in the store for my camera, i couldnt test it for myself and they assured me it was fixed. When i charged the battery up, and checked the camera, the device now failed to turn on. The store asked me to bring the camera back and that they would fix it (apparently, the circuit board has fried!).

a further 4 weeks has passed and still no fixed camera. I went and asked what happenin, they said that its still being fixed. A small reduction in the repair charge has been offered, but so far, i have not had it back for 3 months in total. i asked for a refund, and they said that i was refunded, the device would be returned in the state it is in now which is worse off that it was.

I was wondering what legal standing do i have? am i entitled to a replacement or a free repair? what advice would you give? has anyone else been in a similar situation and what was done to resolve it?

  dharmz 15:10 01 Oct 2008

Thank you

  Charence 01:48 02 Oct 2008

I assume your camera has passed its warranty? If not, then panasonic should be doing the repair for you.

Not sure about your legal standing otherwise.. interested to find out myself...

  laurie53 08:45 02 Oct 2008

Doubt if the warranty covers sand in the telescopic mechanism.

  Stuartli 09:43 02 Oct 2008

The store clearly stated, you claim, that the work would be completed and the camera returned to you within two weeks at a fixed price quote.

This contract has been broken. I would get in touch with Customer Direct and seek advice on your next step (08454 04 05 06 or click here)

  oresome 10:18 02 Oct 2008

I know it's frustrating, but I suspect the camera shop doesn't undertake the repairs, but sends them to a specialist repairer. The original time quoted will have been an average turn round time from experience.

Assuming the camera requires parts, how long these will be in coming from the manufacture will have a significant bearing on the turn round time and is out of the control of both the retailer and the repairer.

The fact is that consumer goods of this type are updated on almost a yearly basis. Unless someone is prepared to stockpile spare parts for all the models made in the past on the assumption that they may be needed sometime in the future for repairs, spares can be both costly and difficult or impossible to obtain.

The camera can be purchased new for around £155 and I think this would be your best bet.

  Stuartli 10:46 02 Oct 2008

Agreed about the likelihood that the camera was sent to a specialist repairer, but it still doesn't excuse the fact that a definitive period for its return was given, along with the cost.

The quoted price would indicate that such work is not unknown (the only problem I have had with my then new digital camera was the failure of the telescopic zoom lens mechanism and it was replaced by the manufacturer without quibble).

  dharmz 18:45 02 Oct 2008

the camera is still covered by warranty, but it unfortunately does not cover sand in the mechanism.
It was initially sent to a 3rd party specialist repair centre by the store, who gave me a quote on the time to fix it. so they had time to assess the problem beforehand.

the camera has gone down a lot now, but 3 months ago, it was worth more, hence i thought it was worth getting it fixed rather than replacing it.

Im going to contact customer advice and see what they have to say. i will report what they have to say...

  brindly 22:24 02 Oct 2008

Try the consumer protection act, this covers services provided.

  Cara2 23:33 02 Oct 2008

Wonder if your insurance would have covered it.

I broke my camera and the cost was prohibitive so claimed on my insurance.

  Stuartli 00:05 03 Oct 2008

>>but it unfortunately does not cover sand in the mechanism.>>

Not, in the least, surprising....:-)

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