Camera batteries - NiMh or Lithium?

  Diemmess 12:07 21 Mar 2007

Have just exhausted the original alkaline batteries supplied with a new Olympus C 5500. They probably lasted for around 50-100 shots.

I am using older NiMh rechargeables at present, but believe Lithium rechargeables are available, at a price.

A previous camera was sold with lithium (non rechargeable) batteries which were in twin form so I needed two not four to fill the compartment. I think they lasted for a long time.

Any wise words to support or correct my guess that the expense of lithium batteries is only justified if I need to make heavy use of the camera?

  anchor 13:03 21 Mar 2007

I believe your camera uses 4 x AA batteries. The Li-ion one for your camera is, (I think), the CR-V3, and you would need 2. Cost, £7.50 each. Li-Ion batteries are, in my opinion, superior.

click here

Alternaively, if you go for NiMh ones, the highest capacity is now 2700mAh.

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(£14 for 4 x AA)

  Diemmess 13:28 21 Mar 2007

Thank you anchor.
A really helpful response. I'm tempted to tick this right now.......... but I wont!

  Stuartli 15:48 21 Mar 2007

Good though the CR-V3 batteries are (about three to four times the life of other equivalents), you'll find that using high capacity rechargeable batteries with a high speed "intelligent" battery charger will save you a small fortune.

Keep four batteries charged up and four in the camera.

Cheapest place for such items is:

click here

  amonra 16:31 21 Mar 2007

I'm inclined to agree with Diemess, the 4 battery route gives you the most options. Unless of course you are a HEAVY user, then the Li-ion makes more sense.

  anchor 16:33 21 Mar 2007

As Stuartli correctly said, the most cost efficient way is to use high capacity rechargeable NiMh batteries.

Good price at 7 day shop; (postage is about £4)

click here

A suitable charger from the same seller:

click here

  anchor 16:40 21 Mar 2007

I forgot to add this:

You asked about rechargeable Li-Ion batteries for your camera;

click here

This is the rechargeable version of the CR-V3.

Personally, I think I would go the NiMh route.

  Diemmess 17:12 21 Mar 2007

All the answers have been very helpful. Each in a slightly different way.

Over the years this is my fifth camera, the earlier ones have died or passed down through the family, in one case died dramatically on a beach in the hands of the new owner.

My wife's and my camera have inherited four sets of NiMh AA batteries from 1800 to 2200mah. An earlier set went the way they do!

For my sort of use NiMh will be my choice.

The charger needs replacing with one that is regulated.

A system which takes a timed 12 hrs regardless is not the way to get the best from any battery.
I assume the fast charge ones are voltage regulated to stop charging when the battery reaches its design voltage?

Memories of 30 years ago with fairly primitive RC model flying and the pitfalls of faulty or under charged Nicads!
Home made charger then complete with a built-in milliammeter to check the charging current stayed within limits.

  oresome 19:00 21 Mar 2007

The NiMh batteries may not work out as cheap as you think.

I purchased eight AA size for my camera at the time of camera purchase (branded Jessops)and all eight have failed at the same time within 2 years. They have been recharged no more than a dozen times with the supplied charger.

Admittedly they were not expensive........eight batteries and charger for around £20 I seem to remember.

  Stuartli 19:26 21 Mar 2007

I'm using 10 Fameart 2300Ma batteries from 7DayShop which are constantly being used and recharged (the remaining six from the BOGOF offer of a pack of eight at £8.99 have still not been used); the missus uses them more than I do in her personal radio, which she invariably forgets to turn off at night...:-)

They are still going strong even though bought around the middle of last year...:-)

  hssutton 09:32 22 Mar 2007

My experience is completely the opposite. I bought a Minolta Dimage7 in 2001. This was the most power hungry of all digicams. The NiMH batteries I bought then. are still in almost constant use. Not in the Minolta, but in my battery powered flashguns.

I do a great deal of "table top" photography, these guns being in daily use. with a set of batteries always on charge.

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