camcorder straight into a projector - live

  Bansaw 12:14 12 Apr 2007

I have a camcorder which I need to connect straight into a digital video projector.

Does anyone know of a cable which would do the job?

I think I need an AV –> COMPOSITE_VIDEO

But it needs to be 20ft because the projector is quite a way away.

Or how about an AV -> RGB, OR S-VIDEO ->RGB? My camcorder has all these outputs.


  jack 20:03 13 Apr 2007

One can certainly purchase very long cables with the familiar RCA White/Red audio Yellow video cables and also gender bender connectors to splice two together.
ASDA is a good source for this type of thing unless you have an independent HiFi/Video dealer nearby.
I cant comment of matter of signal loss over long lengths of cable- except suck it and see

  siouxah1 21:38 13 Apr 2007

I have had success with S-Video connection to projector. 25 feet in length. Not from projector but from DVD player. Should not be any difference.

However, keep in mind that S-Video does not carry audio.

The cost should not be too great. Can't remember cost.


  Bansaw 12:11 14 Apr 2007

Thanks all.

I think this has been solved.

I am going for a

Trouble is , I wanted a 30metre cable, but can't find this length.

Anyone know of any cabling website that does "abnormal" lengths?

I may have to resort to getting connectors and 10m cables...

  jack 20:05 14 Apr 2007

Try this - not a website how ever
E-mail and mail order service

KV Cables.167 Cannon Lane. Pinner. HA51HU
[email protected]

  old hack 20:44 18 Jul 2007

? best way to stream a church service to overseas (India) partner church - e.g. webcam or digital video recorder and must other end have same software - we use XP Pro.

  BT 08:40 19 Jul 2007

Try Keene Electronics for everything Video/Audio related.

click here

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