Call from a 13 digit number?

  TTGrantx 22:19 09 Nov 2018

So I had a call from a random 13 digit number (074525791**), i answered & it was my friend. When i asked whos phone she was calling from she said hers. As you can imagine i was confused so she put the phone down & called me back but this time it came up as normal - her number & picture.

Ive searched the number but found nothing & ive read a few similar stories but nothing the same as this.

Please help as i am very curious about this!!

  alanrwood 09:40 10 Nov 2018

Possibly a glitch in the caller ID system. As you answered it and it was a friend I would not worry about it (Unless someone else knows better)

  Govan1x 12:46 10 Nov 2018

Well you have this on a few more forums. maybe stick with those.

  TTGrantx 14:48 10 Nov 2018

Govan1x is that not allowed or some sort of problem? I never use forums so please.. advise me?

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