cable tv in several rooms

  keef66 10:58 14 Jun 2007

I'm with Virgin Media for BB and phone, and would like to now add cable tv, mainly in order to get Sky Sports.

We had cable tv years ago when it was Cambridge Cable, subsequently bought by NTL. Then we had just one tv point in the lounge. This time I'd like to have tv available in 3 bedrooms as well.

Pesumably this means a cable to each room, but does it also mean a set top box for each tv?

  rodriguez 12:27 14 Jun 2007

You'll need a box for each TV and they'll put all the cable in. I think there may be additional monthly and installation charges for extra boxes (I've got Sky and they charge an extra £10 a month per box). Telewest also had these additional charges but I think it was something like £9.50 per box. Once it's all installed, you then have 4 cable boxes that can independantly tune to different channels. You can check all these details when you phone up to order it. Just ask if it's possible to have it installed in 4 rooms (Sky has a limit of either 2 Sky+ boxes, 4 regular boxes or a combination because the dish only has 4 output sockets).

  keef66 12:39 14 Jun 2007

Perhaps the kids can pay their own monthly charges then!

  P1d 16:10 14 Jun 2007

If you upgrade to (or already have) Virgin Media V+ (where you can record/pause live tv etc) the extra boxes are £5 per month each on top of your current package.

  bremner 18:23 14 Jun 2007

You can run a coax from the point on the back of the box to a booster/splitter and share the signal to many rooms. The down side is that all rooms will have to view the same channel as displayed on the box.

  keef66 21:37 14 Jun 2007

based on what goes on at the moment with the TV's there's no danger of everyone wanting to watch the same thing at the same time unless it's the FA cup final when we'll all watch it on the big telly in the lounge. Separate boxes it is then.

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