Buying used S3 Lte: advice please

  secret squirrell 11:50 17 May 2013

since I'm seperated by the length of the country from the seller, much has to be taken on trust and one's detective skills are needed to examine every word of the communications. I've offered to buy on the basis of wiring 80% up front and the balance on satisfactory receipt by RMSD and he's accepted. I requested the original receipt which he is struggling to find. What would you advise?

He has told me he works for EE and bought the phone from his own shop and that although the remaining 5 months or so of warranty wouldn't require the receipt, he personally would not be happy to sell without it!

I understand also that he and his wife have recently moved house...(talk of looking through the packing cases)

He sounds a decent genuine guy, (as do the best con artists!) is there any other way I can cover myself without the original receipt?

I ask since the Martin Lewis site recons receipts are not needed.

  rdave13 22:10 17 May 2013

Without the original receipt then I would not buy. The bloke might be genuine but if you run into trouble later then 'no leg to stand on' comes to mind.

If it is cheap enough for a gamble then why not, if you can afford to lose the outlay, as it may turn out not to be a lemon. Flip of a coin.. :)

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