Buying a new tv set

  Armchair 09:19 07 Jul 2011

My main tv set (a 28 inch Sony CRT IDTV) is becoming really glitchy and it takes about 20 seconds to load a digital text page, so I've decided to replace it. I think a 32 inch set would be the ideal size for the room it's going to occupy. It's going to be connected to a normal non-upscaling DVD player, and a VHS vdeo recorder. I have no plans to buy a Blu-Ray player or a console, or subscribe to Sky.


1) Would I be better off paying the extra for a 1080p set, or do you think a 720p set would suffice?

2) Is it worth paying the extra for a set with built-in Freeview HD, if the screen size is 32 inches? Are there likely to be many more Freeview HD channels in the next few years (I think there are only three of them available at the moment)?

3) Are there any 'big name' makes I should avoid? If I do go for a 720p set, there seem to be plenty of them available for less than £250, so I don't feel the need to go for the likes of Alba, Bush etc.

Anything else to consider when buying?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:44 07 Jul 2011

TVs are changing fast

go into the store one week and its 720p next its 1080p the will have DVD player attached a week later it can play from a USB a month later it can connect by network cable or wireless to you router another week later they have internet built in.

1080p built in HD tuner, hard drive, DVD internet TV with USB that can mash a good cuppa, that's what I'm waiting for, won't be long:0)


you need to go and look at them (remember they will be showing HD content in the store to make them look better) I would definitely go for 1080p becareful of HD ready and Full HD.

Thinking of upgrading my Humax to a HD but my two and a half year old TV is only 720

  Colonel Graham 14:43 09 Jul 2011

Once you have decided which to buy, google for suppliers. Outlets such as Currys will price-match a store in the area, but they will call them to ask if it is in stock.

Beware: they may suggest the other store's item is European spec, not UK!

  BT 09:19 10 Jul 2011

Try your local Euronics dealer. They will often price match and will often deliver and install on the same day and take away your old set for FREE (Currys/Comet will charge you)

They delivered mine 2 hours after I was in the shop, installed, tuned and connected all my 'boxes' and gave us a run through of all the features, and took away my VERY HEAVY CRT set for free.

  Colonel Graham 11:09 15 Jul 2011

The tv's on display will be set to Store, this gives a brighter picture than Home. I have my new Sony in the conservatory set to Store.

  Joseph Kerr 17:18 16 Jul 2011

Personally I don't see Full HD making that much difference with a set of that size (though some will disagree, so it is best to see them palying HD material if you can, and then get them to switch over to something in SD).

Freeview only has the capacity for 1 or 2 more HD channels (if that), whereas Freesat has the potential to have many more.

I might put a reccommendation in for Panasonic, but i cannot think of any brands you shold particularly avoid.

  Armchair 09:29 17 Jul 2011

Thanks for the replies. I haven't bought anything yet. I'm taking in all the info. I can before buying, because whatever I buy might be in use for a decade or more (like my current set and previous set).

  Armchair 19:19 01 Sep 2011

I know this is an old topic, but I did finally reach a decision. The Sony CRT IDTV conked out (sound, but no picture) this week, and I needed a replacement. Maybe your Panasonic recommendation stuck in my mind, because I ended up getting a Panasonic Viera TX-L32C3B, which is their current budget 32 inch 720p set. I also opted for a Panasonic DMP-BD75 Blu-Ray player to go with it (I had decided to buy an upscaling DVD player, but........).

I perceived that a 720p set would be a better bet for veiwing Freeview SD channels on (I never did get a definitive answer on that), and I know that I won't be getting the maximum performance out of the Blu-Ray player on such a set, so it's a bit of a compromise. Good picture on the set, anyway.

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