Buying new phone cheaply from Ebay??

  newearwax 12:38 13 Apr 2010

Without going in to details, I noticed that some sellers on Ebay have mobiles for sale, unlocked, that appear to be much cheaper than when bought from say CPW.

Does anyone have opinions how genuine and trustworthy the Ebay sellers are?

  PP321 17:48 13 Apr 2010

Read thier feedback and see what others say about them

  newearwax 18:03 13 Apr 2010

Yep, there is that, but others' experiences beyond EBay reports might well be a useful addition.

  [email protected] 15:30 15 Apr 2010

My rule of thumb is never spend what u can't afford to lose! Having said that EBay protect their buyers much more than their sellers, so provided you make sure u buy on ebay UK and pay with Papal ( & check out the seller as suggested above ) you should be ok!

  newearwax 16:58 15 Apr 2010

Thanks, guys, for the advice. :)

I'll have to do some delving and thinking

  Muergo 05:17 14 Jun 2010

I would not buy from a private individual, it is highly likely it is stolen or still on contract to provider.

I saw a cheap nearly new Nokia Express 5800 for about half price,

I asked the seller if there were any ownership snags to it and received an aggressive, rude reply saying if I wanted it "Just send the money and don't waste my F****** time.

E-bay delisted him, but he could easily open up again under another name.

  hatrickj 15:00 14 Jun 2010

I wouldn't anyway. I'd much rather pay a fair price to a reputable discounting trader.

  MobileMan1 06:52 18 Jun 2010

There has been a huge rise in second hand mobile phones recently, you see all the adverts for people like Mazuma and others. Some fo these do end up on ebay as mobile phones are more like a currency now and sold by the tonne!

You can always compare new mobile prices at <a href="click here" title="Compare Mobile Phone Prices">click here;/a> and see if others apart from CPW have a better deal.

  hatrickj 11:17 18 Jun 2010


2nd link did not work

  Muergo 00:49 20 Jun 2010

I agree, second link didn't work, also first link did not throw up that on the phone I entered, Nokia 5800Express and others, Nokia is giving free SatNav away, so no need to add it to your contract!

  curtis01 15:39 20 Jun 2010

I can guarantee that ebay is a good online market. They are known to be the most reliable market on the net.

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