Buying a new bridge, but need input.

  Sillyconchip 13:54 14 Feb 2011

I'm just about to buy a new bridge but wanted some professional advice first. I'm not a hardcore photographer, so a DSLR is kind of pointless, as it would just confuse me. AS bridges go though I thought this Fujifilm would be ideal click here

Has anyone on the forum got one, and maybe has some shots they could send me? Just so I could get some idea of what the image quality is like.

Cheers in advance, B.

  Chris the Ancient 15:26 14 Feb 2011

A couple of pointers, if I may... and and some potential ideas.

I'm by no means a hardcore photographer; but over the years I have owned a fair few cameras.

The thing that always moves things around in my list of favourites is how the camera 'feels'. On more than one occasion I have frustrated salespersons in camera shops by getting them to dig out a particular model and then just handling it and 'playing' with it. I want to feel if the basic user controls 'fall to finger' easily. Not all makes do... for me. So, can you actually get your hands on that camera to have a feel first?

Look at the 2nd-hand market. Poor cameras are reflected by how they hold their prices.

Don't be overly blinded by 'resolution'. High resolution is not the be all and end all. I still have my first digital camera which only has a resolution of 3Mp! And it takes a lot of zooming in to actually detect pixelation. If you are not wanting to print huge blow ups, a lower resolution camera might be sufficient. High resolution also means less images on the memory card! Its not the 'resolution' that is the most critical factor all the time. A poor lens will still produce poor quality detail - and good lenses tend to cost lots more.

If you want to try a camera long term, look on an auction site for the one you want to try (usual caveats, of course) and run it for a while. If you don't like it, you can re-sell it without incurring too much loss.

And, of course, do as you've done here and ask around!

Having said all that, my latest camera (a DSLR) was an auction site purchase and I've still got it two years later. It was a make I fell in love with many years ago with a 35mm SLR and their brand has always 'fitted' my hand. And this latest one fulfilled all my criteria. It doesn't have a huge resolution, but it still takes a lot of zooming before detail starts blurring or pixelating - and it takes better pictures than most of the 35mm cameras I've owned.

The bottom line... see if you can find a way of 'try before you buy'.

  canarieslover 16:44 14 Feb 2011

I will second that 'try before you buy' idea. I have an earlier Fuji camera which I really liked the idea of, and used for almost a year, until I got fed-up with the long start-up time on it. Unless I left it on all the time, with a pocketful of batteries in reserve, I found that I was missing a lot of photo opportunities. I had no complaints about the performance of the camera other than the start-up time so if that doesn't bother you then it should be OK.

  john bunyan 21:03 14 Feb 2011

I have been studying this for a while and have come to a short list of Two. The Fuji is technically good and I liked the manual zoom feature, but a few pros reckon the build quality is not as good as the two on my short list : The Panasonic DMC - FZ 100 and the Canon Powershot SX30. I am 90% in favour of the Canon having spoken to a few trusted experts. Do compare specs and prices. I am , like you , giving up on my old but heavy film Nikon F 90 and its heavy lenses.

  bjh 10:33 15 Feb 2011

I'm actually thinking of getting the very same camera, so I don't have any "hands on" experience of that model. I have handled the earlier models that fit the same shell, and find them comfortable to hold, and all the controls suit me.
It seems there is very little difference between the S2950 and the S2800, which is an earlier model (that has some internal memory, unlike the s2950). I'm not sure of all the other differences.
One comment that I have seen crop up on some reviews is that the 14megapixel CCD isn't as good as the older 12megapixel CCD in the S1730 and its ilk.
The camera has yet to make it to the UK Fuji site, but the technical info is available from the US site click here

I don't have any qualms about the Fuji build quality of the older models (I had a S1730 on loan from a friend for a few weeks).

I'd be interested in any other comments that are raised by your thread!

  SparkyJack 12:01 15 Feb 2011

click here

I too made an Ebay purchase 4 years ago- and have not regretted it- the price I paid for a 1 years old SLR kit was a third of the original launch price.

  bjh 11:46 16 Feb 2011

I know it's a downgrade on the one you want, but my local Argos was selling the S1730 click here|category_root|Limited+Stock+Clearance|17503661/c_2/2|17503661|Limited+stock+clearance|17521096/c_3/3|cat_17521096|Limited+stock+Photography|17503837.htm?store=Westwood+Cross+Thanet+Gateway+RP not at the reduced price of £74.99, but £49.99. At that price.... Well, I've bought one as a "holder" until I can find a bit more on the newer ones. Their higher pixel count appears to be generating serious noise in some cases!

Stock is very limited, and I don't know if your local will 1) have any or 2) charge £74.99 or £49.99. Might be worth a look!

  bjh 11:53 16 Feb 2011

I'm not sure I can get the link to paste in as one. It may be too long!
click here|category_root|Limited+Stock+Clearance|17503661/c_2/2|17503661|Limited+stock+clearance|17521096/c_3/3|cat_17521096|Limited+stock+Photography|17503837.htm?store=Westwood+Cross+Thanet+Gateway+RP

Try a search for sku: 559/3543

One of those should work...

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