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Buying decision: Pixel 3a vs Xiaomi 9T

  mth 14:24 21 Nov 2019

Hi all, I would appreciate your opinion on a buying decision. I have narrowed down my choice to (pretty much) Pixel 3A vs Xiaomi 9T to replace my Moto Z Play. I'm quite specific about what I need but have some wiggle room.

Let's start what I learned from my Z Play:

  • I absolutely LOVE a good battery endurance. The Z Play brings me through the day (mostly surfing, low key playing, bit of video), with still half the battery full. No running-out anxiety. Good battery is a godsend.

  • The performance was even back then average and absolutely enough for me. Nearly three years later, it gets a bit sluggish. But mid-performer is enough

  • Moto has a near-to stock-Android, which I deeply appreciate.

  • The size (5.5. inch plus big bezels) always felt a bit too big for me, against the trend, I prefer smaller phones for one-handed use

  • It has an abysmal camera, especially in low light. I don't need top-notch, but a good one at least.

The contestants! Pixel 3A

  • apparently brilliant camera

  • performance good (enough for me)

  • nice, smaller size

  • stock Android

  • not sure about the 3000mah battery. It seems to be economical, but still would need reserves on a busy day and it is a good 1000mah below other phones

  • price is high atm, but there are rumours to drop down to 300 for black friday

Xiaomi 9T

  • seems to blow comparable phones out of the water in terms of hardware

  • price (without deal) around 260, which is superb

  • 4000mah battery, that seems to last well

  • very good camera

  • bit bigger, but all used for screen, no bezels

  • MIUI said to be bloated and I heard rumours about issues with the custom Android

I even considered the Xioami A3 (as it ticks pretty much all boxes, including Android One), but the low screen resolution is a deal breaker.

Any recommendations, experiences and opinions are much welcome! Thanks a lot

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